Mixing interdisciplinary approaches of screen-print, acrylic gouache, ballpoint, sculpture and digital, I specialize in conveying multi-layered conceptual work that leaves the viewer laughing and most often a little puzzled. My goal is to blur the line between commercial and fine art with my belief that the rules and approaches are interchangeable. Always working straight from pen I provide the most honest representation of the subject matter I’m conveying. I think because of my approach, my work can be very adaptive. I tow the line between high and lowbrow by keeping my illustrations weird and methodical. My work can be best described as odd and esoteric.

My goal is to develop a personal style or ‘brand’ that people instantly recognize as me. That means going outside the comfort of 2D illustration. Sculpture, ceramics, creative writing, video and others all lend a hand to the creative process that will set me apart from so many of my peers.

Though my ultimate desire is to work for myself, I am always open to the idea of collaborations with like-minded people. I believe a healthy dose of friendly competition will bring out some of my best work.